surprise …

Well, what d’you know? Turns out both the words Amateurs and Eden are triggers for home-grown porn sites, so my website exists amongst a deluge of the kind of pics that pubescent boys are drawn to. Who knows, it might engender a whole new readership of my book.

I couldn’t help wondering what the Villa Seurat crowd would have made of it. Nancy, I am sure, with her loathing of anything lowbrow or badly done would have just snorted with contempt. But Larry? Henry Miller? One of the most glorious research moments came when I was in the British Library reading up about censorship in the mid twentieth century and the shameful treatment meted out to poor Geoffrey Potocki. Pausing in the shop on my way out, I discovered that Miller’s Tropic of Cancer had been reincarnated as a fridge magnet, see below. After having been banned for thirty years, this seemed a strange fate, comparable to DH Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers being Radio 4’s book at bedtime some years back.

tropic as fridge magnet

The final resting place of Tropic of Cancer?

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