A wonderful – well, not wonderful for the man or the ducks – item of news from the States about a man who was shot in the bum by his dog stepping on the trigger of his gun while they were on a duck shoot. Apparently it is even possible that the dog knocked the safety catch off, or whatever guns have on them. The bit from My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell which Nancy always says captured Larry’s character exactly, and which I quote in the book, is the ill-fated duck shoot – apparently Larry was so ill-prepared for the gun’s recoil that he fell backwards into a muddy ditch. It’s funny enough – just imagine what Gerry could have done if his dog had trod on the gun and it had fired and hit big brother’s posterior … Once again, reality trumps fiction.

Dog Shoots Owner

And the place is described as a bird refuge – not much of a refuge if they are getting blown out of the sky by gunshot all the time


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