Paris Revisted

A new edition has just been published of the fascinating ‘Paris Revisited’ by Ana├»s Nin, edited by Karl Orend, who sent me a copy. Wonderful. It contains a brief piece that Nin wrote when she returned to Paris for the first time after the war, and a longer Afterword by Orend, which is full of good information. But for me, best of all, are the photographs, many of which I’ve not seen before. There are quite a few from the 50s and 60s of the writers who were associated with the bookshop Shakespeare and Company, plus some treasures from the 30s – my favourite is a simple shot of Miller’s desk and window in the Villa Seurat. I don’t know why, but somehow it seems to unlock that whole vanished world. If you can unlock something that has vanished – this might qualify in the mixed metaphor stakes – but it is a fine collection of photographs and vignettes, is the point. One to treasure.

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