Summer Reading

A friend phoned this morning and said that Amateurs in Eden is one of The Times’s Summer Reading recommendations. There are scorch marks on the pavement marking my route to the newsagents to buy a copy. And lo, not only is it recommended in the Biography and Memoir Section (by David Gentleman) but it is also part of a question in the quiz! Achieving quiz question status is a lofty height I never expected to reach and I am feeling almost giddy – hence all the breathless italics.

The question: Amateurs in Eden tells the story of the novelist Lawrence Durrell’s marriage. London, You’re Beautiful is by the painter David Gentleman. Can you link writer and artist? As it happens, I know the answer, thanks to a serendipitous matching at the Foyles event that kicked off the Durrell 2012 conference – almost the only question in the quiz that I can answer.

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