There was an enjoyable (for me) interlude on Tuesday when I went to the Australian Broadcasting studios in central London to talk to David Green over the airwaves. He is putting together a documentary on the Durrell-Miller letters which is due to be broadcast early next year. He had a very sensitive take on lots of the topics – I’d read through some of my Henry Miller thoughts to refresh my memory, and was reminded how very bouncy they almost always were in their letters. Which makes for an enjoyable read, but is often misleading. They never really shared their anxieties or griefs. It is fascinating the way one saves different emotions for different outlets – in the days when I kept a journal I only really wrote in it when I was either depressed or furious. I thought that would give a rather sombre impression of my life at the time, but weirdly, when I read some of it recently, it seemed quite funny. How one’s old angsts get transformed.

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