Mail review

The paperback isn’t officially released till next month, but the Daily Mail have already done a kind review


Amateurs In Eden by Joanna Hodgkin

Hodgkin’s mother Nancy, a beautiful but passive young artist, married the egotistical, jealous writer Lawrence Durrell (author of The Alexandria Quartet) and embarked upon a relationship marked by condescension and abuse.

A brief period when they lived with the eccentric Durrell clan in Corfu brought Nancy some joy, but it was short-lived, especially after the birth of their daughter.

Although Hodgkin is the child of Nancy’s second, successful, marriage, she has mined her mother’s memoirs and verbal  accounts to paint this devastating portrait of a dysfunctional partnership, with a cast list of bohemian artists and writers adding to the chaotic period drama.

Not quite sure what has happened to the side of the cover, but it is heartening. Very short reviews are harder to write than longer ones, in my experience.

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