towards a change

It’s been a long time since I added a post, and I guess that is symptomatic of the fact that I am gearing up for the next book, so maybe it is time for this site to morph into an author website rather than a book one. I am going to Cornwall on 27th April for the rather grandly named Constantine Literary Festival, where I will be talking about Amateurs in Eden – but I think in the context of my transition from fiction to non-fiction.

But I have been completely immersed in the next non-fiction book, which is due out in July, and will be published by Hodder. It is a collaboration with Alex and Marcus Lewis, identical twins with an extraordinary story to tell, and is called TELL ME WHO I AM. The page proofs are due any moment.

Amateurs is not completely forgotten – far from it. Among the papers that were delivered here from the house my parents sold in 1952/3 was a bundle of manuscripts of Fielding Hall’s. He was the mysterious relative of my mother’s who left her all his money, thus largely financing their Corfu/Paris years. I have always been fascinated by him, and so, once the page proofs are sorted and the new book is off the starting blocks, I intend to see what his papers reveal. He has the kind of handwriting which looks incredibly neat at first glance, then turns out to be quite hard to decipher.

page proofs arriving – hurrah

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