Open Road

While the LD conference was taking place in London, the terrific Open Road people who are publishing all his work as ebooks, made a short film to promote his writing. I loathe doing this sort of thing – and I don’t expect to be overwhelmed with requests to chair arts programmes – but at least Anthea and I are both puffing his travel writing and his poetry. And Charles comes over as very clear and good. It seems like a long time ago, but it was only June.

There’s a kind of wistfulness in the air in London now that the Games are over – even though I didn’t watch all that much, it was quite something to feel that the whole of London was hosting a two week long holiday. And I loved the evening tally of medals – for someone like me, who was firmly at the let’s-not-have-her-on-our-team-at-any-cost end of the sporting spectrum, the vicarious glory has been terrific.

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