Concerto for Double Bass

Another of those changing gear moments on the underground: I threw myself into a crowded train, my mind full of all the heap of stuff it is always full of. I looked up and saw the familiar red and black of Poems on the Underground. This one by John Fuller is called Concerto for Double Bass, and it made me glad and moved.

He is a drunk leaning companionably
Around a lamp post or doing up
With intermittent concentration
Another drunk’s coat.

He is a polite but devoted Valentino,
Cheek to cheek, forgetting the next step.
He is feeling the pulse of the fat lady
Or cutting her in half.

But close your eyes and it is sunset
At the edge of the world. It is the language
Of dolphins, the growth of tree-roots,
The heart-beat slowing down.


Thank you, John Fuller. And now I will hunt out more of his work.


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