Forgetting a Revolutionary

Radio 4 have just managed to squeeze in a centenary programme about LD by putting one out just before his 101 birthday. It was on yesterday morning, with the title ‘Forgetting a revolutionary’ and was presented by Tim Marlow, who was born 7 ¬†years after Justine was published and was full of enthusiasm and good insights, some his, and others from Joanna Kavenna and Charles Sligh, though 30 minutes did not seem long enough at all. But he did track down some great quotes. One from Miller, who apparently got fed up with his ‘sexual buccaneer’ image and insisted that, ‘My books aren’t about sex, they’re about liberation.’

And LD trying to explain why sex was so important to him, to a somewhat baffled Malcolm Muggeridge: ‘Art is really the final act of love.’ But best of all was his answer to a slightly daft question from a literary interviewer who wanted to know if he thought the mid twentieth century had been a good time to be a writer. He replied a little wearily, ‘Every time is a good time to be a writer.’ A good programme with a fresh approach. And available for the next five days or so.

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