Myers papers

The box of Myers papers came today – they’d been stored in the attic of the house my parents sold in 1952/3, so 60 years dormant. I haven’t had a chance to look through properly, and most of them seem to be clerical documents circa 1860, so maybe fascinating for students of the Anglican church in the C19th (?) but limited for me. However, I found this in a letter obviously from one of my great grandfather’s chums soon after he was ordained. I think it is perhaps a unique explanation of the urge to marry:

“I should like to hear all about you, whether you are settled in your parish … if you are soon to be married – for I find lots of young parsons do marry just after taking Priest’s Orders. Examination time is over and they take to love-making out of pure frolicsomeness, just as children who have just received a prize stand on their heads for very glee, or fall to breaking one another’s heads as soon as they are out of School … ”

‘Pure frolicsomeness’ – so that it what it was all about. All is explained.

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