Pal Film Festival

Last night I went to see a documentary about Sharq al Adna, the broadcasting station in Jerusalem/Jaffa that my father was running when he met Nancy. It was interesting in a way, though there was very little about the context, or what was going on – the second world war barely merited a mention. But it was fascinating for me because it told the story entirely from the point of view of the Palestinian journalistis and broadcasters who worked on it, and after a brief mention of Wauchope at the beginning, one got the impression pretty much that it was Palestinian run. A useful corrective to the European view, I’m sure, but no mention of SOE or the German pre war broadcasts or even the move to Cyrprus. And as so often with subtitled films, a torrent of words is represented with a few pithy words at the bottom of the screen. So for me, sort of interesting, and also sort of dull.

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