Bee Falkener

Some serious sleuthing is going on in New South Wales. I was contacted a couple of days ago by someone who is reading Amateurs in Eden at the moment and noticed the Slade friend of Nancy’s whom I call Bee Falkener. I described her father as owning large tracts of NSW. Oz Sleuth suggested this might in fact be the Falkiner family, one branch of which lived near her when she was a child. In the next email Oz Supersleuth (upgraded) provided even more information:

Ralph Sadlier Falkiner (described as wealthy entrepreneur, inventor and manager of vast family estates) who lived at Colley Manor Reigate during the 1930s who had a daughter called Beatrice known as Bea. There is a tantalizing reference to ‘Bea’s’ Toorak studio being open in 1947 and lots of the Falkiners attending, but my research has been hampered by not being able to get on to Trove, the National Library of Australia’s website today. It seems RS loved machines, including a road train he imported and ran.

I had tried to find out what happened to BF, but was hampered, I now realise, by the wrong spelling. But it is lovely when these snippets of information wing their way in unbidden. Another little bit of jigsaw slides into place. Maybe some of her pictures are viewable online. We shall see.

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